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Version 2015 Now Available!

Easily create photo-realistic presentations of your design without modeling all the existing stuff.  PanzerCAD’s CameraMatch quickly matches the view of a photo allowing the model to be placed directly within the photo.  Since the photo already contains the existing parts, you only need to worry about the new stuff!  It does it’s magic by placing control lines on a photo and clicking a button. If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match’s powerful live tuning controls get the job done fast. Once the view is set, CameraMatch’s touchup tools magically bring it all together!

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Checkout the New CameraMatch Tutorial Files and Videos

Get a jumpstart on CameraMatch by following along our new tutorial videos using the same files in Vectorworks. This is also a great way to start your free trial!

CameraMatch Tutorial Videos and Files

CameraMatch Webinar Recording Now Available!: “Better Presentations in Less Time with Vectorworks and CameraMatch”

This recorded webinar was organized by Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc. and presented by Matt Panzer on November 28, 2012. Join Matt Panzer, president of PanzerCAD, as he takes you through the process of matching and combining a rendered model view with a photograph of the site. Discover how this can all be done completely in Vectorworks software using the PanzerCAD CameraMatch plug-in. Plus, learn how this unique set of tools can provide realistic and accurate visualizations with minimal modeling and effort.

      Webinar participants will learn to:
      – Take and prepare photos for CameraMatch
      Set up CameraMatch in their document
      Set, tune, and render the view
      Mask over parts of the model
      Clone parts of the photo
      Add Shadows
      Export the final image file

                    Watch CameraMatch in Action:
                    CameraMatch for Vectorworks – Cafe Interior Partition

                    This video shows a final rendering being created using the CameraMatch plug-in for Vectorworks. First CameraMatch is used to match the view of the proposed 3D model to a photograph. Then the final rendering is created by rendering and superimposing the model over the photograph using the CameraMatch Mask tool. The final rendering is all completed within Vectorworks in just under 10 minutes!