Photo Match in Vectorworks with CameraMatch!

CameraMatch 2011.0.7 Update Now Available!

Now compatible with both Vectorworks 2011 & 2012!

Quickly and accurately align a 3D model view to a photograph! No more wasted time fiddling with 3D view controls that are just not designed for the task. Camera Match quickly finds the view by placing control lines on a photograph and clicking a button. If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match's powerful live tuning controls get the job done fast. Once the view is set, CameraMatch's touchup tools magically bring it all together!




CameraMatch 2011 is free for students and teachers using the 2011 and 2012 educational versions of Vectorworks software. Simply download CameraMatch, install it, and bring you projects to a whole new level!


New Features (w/ Videos) & Information

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CameraMatch User Images Wanted!

Please consider sharing your CameraMatch creations. We're always loking to expand our Image Gallery so, if you have images you'd like to share, please email them to us. Please include the final image, existing photo, any comments you may have, and how you wish to be credited (Name, Title, Company/School, State, Country).


Watch CameraMatch in Action:

This video shows a final rendering being created by superimposing a 3D model over a photograph of the existing site. The view is set, rendered, masked, and touched up with shading in about 10 minutes! And all without leaving Vectorworks!
NOTE: This video was produced using CameraMatch 2010 and does not demonstrate any features new to CameraMatch 2011. We plan to have videos of CameraMatch 2011's new features soon so stay tuned!




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